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MG Business Solutions is a client and result-oriented firm, with a passion for business growth and personal development. Our drive for excellence has gained us an impeccable reputation in the industry. We strive to take an excess load off our clients, by providing you with quality services to meet your need, whiles focusing on your core activities.

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Growing your business

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Reduce Costs through Outsourcing

Our clients achieve greater business outcomes working with our professional and experienced personnel to identify and close efficiency gaps. We are on a mission to create and deploy gap-specific business support solutions which result in verifiable positive business results.

People Outsourcing

Reduce volatility and improve the performance of your workforce. We offer pragmatic advice on HR issues including employee relations.

Recruitment & Selection

We source and screen for the right people who will deliver the right results for your organization, ensuring your daily operations.

Digital Marketing Outsourcing

Successfully grow your business using digital marketing. We help implement your entire digital marketing strategy that ensures high ROI.

Background Checks & Screening

Our ability to verify various claims has protected our clients from a significant amount of risks. Let’s help checkmate against business fraud and deceit.

Facility Management

Transform Your Space with MG Business Solutions: Expert Cleaning, Air Condition Maintenance, Fumigation and More!"

Fleet Management Solutions

Our veritable Fleet Management business solution has driven business success stories in handling logistics challenges. Take advantage.

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    Get the Outsourcing advantage today.

    As a pioneer among Ghanaian outsourcing companies, we are in business to service the needs of our customers while helping them deliver value to their own customers.


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    $ 199
    2 GB
    10GB Of Storage
    2 Email Accounts
    2 Domains
    Email Support
    $ 260
    5 GB
    15GB Of Storage
    2 Email Accounts
    5 Domains
    Full Support
    $ 360
    10 GB
    25GB Of Storage
    2 Email Accounts
    Unlimited Domains
    Full Support

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