Activity Lineup

  • 1
    27th April - Morning

    Paid Covid-19 test at Leding Medical Center

  • 2
    28th April - Evening

    Departure from Ghana

  • 3
    29th April - Morning

    Arrival in Dubai

  • 4
    29th April - Evening

    Leadership Seminar

  • 5
    30th April - Evening

    Award Ceremony

  • 6
    1st May

    Personal shopping

  • 7
    2nd May - Morning

    Departure from Dubai

  • 8
    2nd May - Evening

    Arrival in Ghana

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    10 Surprising (But Important) Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Dubai

    What To Pack

    For your luggage, it is recommended to carry sunscreen with the highest SPF formula you can find. Carry deodorants and body/face wipes, sunglasses, hats, water bottle, mosquito repellant etc.

    Essential Documents

    Well, this is the most important part. Double-check and triple check your documents, make photocopies of them and carry the photocopies with you at all times while keeping the original documents locked in your hotel.

    Common Financial Hassles

    Money, however, is pretty safe to carry in the UAE. The official currency of the country is Dirham. You can get your currency exchanged from many local shops which actually, tend to offer a better exchange rate. International credit and debit cards are widely accepted too.

    How Necessary is Arabic

    Well, it may surprise you, but a large proportion of the population in Dubai are immigrants from other Asian countries. You need not speak Arabic at all, as English is the most commonly used language in the city.

    In Dubai, make sure you’re well hydrated.

    Being in Dubai means drinking lots of water. Tourists often underestimate how much water they’ll need, especially in the middle of the desert. I cannot stress this enough – drink, drink and keep drinking water.

    Dress Up, but Be Modest

    irst, we need to remember that Dubai, no matter how modern, liberal or progressive it is, is an Islamic country where locals respect their culture and traditional values. You can dress up as much as you would like because well, the city is quite fashionable, but be sure not to hurt the sentiments of your host city. It is better to cover your shoulder and knees.

    Capturing Memories

    Please remember to ask someone for permission if you would like to take their pictures. Avoid taking pictures of Muslim women. Also, avoid capturing pictures of government buildings, airports, docks, military or industrial installations etc.

    Dail down on PDA

    Dubai has a number of social rules including that couples do not show any public displays of affection like kissing or even holding hands. Hotels may even require couples to show a marriage license since couples that are unmarried are usually not allowed to stay in a hotel room together.

    Foodies, Dubai is Your Haven!

    The best part of Dubai apart from shopping is the food. Be it traditional cuisines from all over the world in the Global Village, or an expensive and fancy restaurant or the mouth-watering street food, Dubai is a heaven for foodies.

    Eating in Public is Offensive

    It is considered rude to eat in public places, especially public transportation in Dubai. Although visitors and non-Muslims are not prohibited from doing so.